Friday, December 5, 2008

Is it possible to undereat and not lose weight?


Is it possible to undereat and not lose weight?

For years I've had anxiety/concentration problems that were just getting worse. Then I counted the calories I was having on a daily basis and it was between 800 and 1500 or so. I felt like crap and didn't finish meals and skipped many. I didn't seem to lose weight though. I'm now eating way more food and don't seem to be piling on the pounds but mentally I'm doing way better. How come I wasn't hungry and how come I didn't lose lots of weight?


You weren't hungry and weren't losing weight because your metabolism slows down as an adaptation to not eating alot.Your body switches to starvation mode and starts to conserve calories and store fat when it's not getting enough calories and infrequently.By eating a little bit more and small frequent meals, you can actually speed up your metabolism to burn more fat and calories.It's amazing how the human body works! It's basically a survival mechanism. If you ran out of food , your body would help you live longer by slowing down it's metabolism.

Hope that helps.

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